CSUSM(California State University San Marcos)短期留学



Saturday, March 31st. It's so hard to say goodbye... but everyone is looking forward to seeing their friends and family back in Japan and sharing their experiences. See everyone soon!

Friday, March 30th. Today was the students' last full day to explore San Diego and take in the California sunshine before heading back to Japan. In the morning, we visited the Chula Vista Elite Athletic Training Center. It was a unique experience in that most San Diego natives have never entered the facilities. Students got to see Olympians up-close training for sports such as BMX, Archery and Hammer Throw. After touring the facilities and eating alongside the athletes, we made our way up to downtown San Diego where we visited the USS Midway Museum. Tomorrow the students will say goodbye to their host families and depart for Japan. I'm sure there will be lots of tears shed, but the students will take back memories to last a lifetime.

Thursday, March 29th. The big day! All of the students had been working so hard to prepare their presentations, and their efforts paid off! The teachers and staff at CSUSM, as well as the volunteers and a few host families were all in attendance for their final presentations. Everyone did a wonderful job, and I think they should be proud of themselves. After the closing ceremony, we took a tour of the campus dormitories before heading down to Oceanside Beach! In the evening we strolled through the Oceanside Sunset Market before heading back to campus.

Wednesday, March 28th. With just one day left before their closing ceremony, students worked diligently in the morning to complete their PowerPoint presentations and essays. In the afternoon, they attended two lectures by Japanese professionals working in San Diego. In addition, students had an opportunity to meet and chat with local mentors from the community. It was a productive day!

Tuesday, March 27th. In the morning the students worked on writing the conclusions to their essays. In the afternoon they were able to blow off a little steam by participating in a Zumba lesson led by Ms. Melinda. I didn't know we had such a good group of dancers!

Monday, March 26th. Back to work. Students had a writing workshop in the morning where they learned how to create a thesis sentence for their essays. In the afternoon, they moved to the computer room where they worked on revising their essays and polishing up their presentations

Saturday, March 24th. Disneyland!! After an hours' drive north up the 5, we reached the gates where students had to make the tough decision of whether to enter the Disneyland park or the California Adventure park. They chose California Adventure!! Upon entering the park, it was very hard to keep up with the students, but I was able to catch a couple of rides with them and snap some shots. I'm certain they had a great time, as none of them wanted to leave!

Friday, March 23rd. Today we spent the day at Safari Park. It had rained the night before so the weather was perfect for a day at the park. In the morning we took a guided tour. The students asked many questions about the animals and habitat, and when they didn't understand something the tour guide said they asked for clarification. I was very impressed. In the afternoon the students got on a balloon ride to get a better view of the park. After that many students took the Africa Tram around the outskirts of the park to see the bigger animals such as rhinos, giraffes and lions. Everyone seemed to have a fun time, and they are all looking forward to their trip to Disneyland tomorrow!

Thursday, March 22nd. Due to the rain, we had a slight change in schedule. We started off the day at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, then had sub sandwiches at Firehouse Subs. After lunch we took the Sprinter to Sky Zone Trampoline Park where everyone jumped around to burn off all the unwanted calories. Despite the weather, I think everyone had a good time.

 21日(水)晴 今日は徒歩でLake San Marcosまで出かけました。生徒たちは2チームに分かれてEaster egg huntに挑戦しました。公園内に隠されたeggを探し当て、その中に入っているクイズに英語で答えなければなりません。クイズの答えが分からない場合は、公園内の人たちに尋ねてもよいというルールなので、生徒たちは積極的に話しかけていました。ランチの後は湖を一周し、午後はWalmartで買い物を楽しみました。

 20日(火)晴 19日に続きTorrey Pines High Schoolを訪問しました。生徒同士の交流には笑顔が絶えません。

 Torrey Pines High Schoolを訪問し、現地の高校生との交流を行いました。日本語の授業を履修している生徒たちのクラスに参加しました。
 午後はOld Townを観光しました。

 19日(月)曇 週末をホストファミリーと過ごした生徒たちは、それぞれの体験を披露し合っていました。体調を崩している生徒もなく、みんな元気です。

 17日(土)雨 生憎の天気ですが、生徒たちは今日・明日と二日間はホストファミリーと過ごします。良い経験ができることを願っています。月曜日、生徒たちとの再会が楽しみです。 

 午後は、カリフォルニア州南部を走るディーゼルカーのスプリンターとバスを乗り継いで、North County Mallへ出かけました。

 16日(金)晴 生徒たちは登校すると研修日誌を提出します。毎日を振り返りながら次の日に備えています。

 15日(木)雨のち晴 本格的に授業がスタートしました。午前中はパラグラフ・ライティングの授業、午後はキャンパスの学生にインタビューをするという課題が出されました。



 ソルダッド マウンテンからは、天候が良ければラ ホヤの街から海岸線、コロナド橋まで眺められますが、今日は生憎の霧で景色を眺めることはできませんでした。


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